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Current News:

Bedbugs are currently the most prominent and noteworthy opponent in the pest control industry. They have rebounded from years of eradication in the western world and are now proliferating at an alarming rate. Our technicians have the best experience with these pests from years as the first line of defense in the subsidized housing and low income markets. We have worked under the most challenging conditions and achieved success.

Seasonal Pests:

Fall & Winter will see rats and mice looking for warmer habitat inside homes, sheds recreational vehicles. We can show you how to prevent this from happening.

Spring time is when carpenter ants emerge and re-build their nests. This destructive pest can weaken your home and is usually related to a moisture problem.

Summer is the most active period for wasps, fleas, bedbugs and all crawling insects. Preventative measures can drastically reduce your chances of a problem.

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